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Our Mission

The mission of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Village, a non-profit organization, is to enhance the quality of life for older adults who choose to maintain independent living in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area. Dedicated members and volunteers who provide educational opportunities, organize social events, and coordinate services will assure the success of the PVP Village.

Core Values

Core values are fundamental beliefs that guide our behavior, decisions and actions as we work to fulfill the mission of the PVP Village. Our success will be measured by how closely we adhere to these values:

  • Friendship and Caring
  • Service
  • Sustainability
  • Respect and Dignity
  • Accountability
  • Partnership and Collaboration

Friendship and Caring

Fostering friendships among members and volunteers is at the heart of our Village community. To promote caring and compassion for one another and to nurture social interaction, the PVP Village will endeavor to maintain a varied social and educational calendar and to encourage individual contact and involvement among our members and volunteers. Understanding and fulfilling our shared need for affection, companionship, respect and trust are the cornerstones of the PVP Village.



The focus of the PVP Village is to provide a selection of activities and services to its members. Volunteering is at the heart of the organization, and the PVP Village is committed to volunteer training, engagement and recognition.


Long term sustainability of the PVP Village requires strong leadership from its board of directors. Strategic planning must include securing adequate financing from diverse sources, growing membership in a manageable way, and promoting mutually beneficial partnerships. Adaptability, balancing immediate needs with a focus on the future, and meeting the needs of members will be keys to success.

Respect and Dignity

The PVP Village is committed to treating members, volunteers and everyone with whom we interact with respect and dignity. We will work to combat the stereotypes of aging. We recognize the value of a lifetime of experience, talent, accomplishment and wisdom, and believe these are assets to be shared.


Accountability is about trust among its donors, members, volunteers, board of directors, executive director, administrative coordinator and the community. The PVP Village is committed to using its resources wisely and responsibly through the maintenance of financial records, data collection, financial reporting, and transparency.

Partnership and Collaboration

The PVP Village is committed to partnering with other organizations that support older residents in our community in order to maximize and enhance independent living.